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500ml Acrylic flip tite storage container
R 102.00
Felli 500ml Acrylic Flip Tite Storage Container
1.5 Litre kaslik jug
R 262.00
Simax 1.5 Litre Kaslik Jug
Simax 1 Litre Eva Glass Tea Pot
R 302.00
Simax 1 Litre Eva Glass Tea Pot
Red underplate
R 44.00
Red Underplate
2.5 Litre agra jug
R 281.00
Simax 2.5 Litre Agra Jug
2 Piece dual glass set
R 607.00
Simax 2 Piece Dual Glass Set
24 Piece black shinny stainless steel cutlery set
R 1,183.00
Bergner 24 Piece Black Shiny Inox Stainless Steel Cutlery Set
Black wooden tray with black metal handle
R 299.00
Black Wooden Tray With Black Metal Handle
Carbon steel cooking sheet
R 211.00
Masterpro Carbon Steel Cookie Sheet
1.8 Litre tea infuser
R 444.00
Simax 1.8 Litre Look Tea Infuser
26cm Alfa low casserole
R 1,251.00
Korkmaz 26cm Alfa Low Casserole
356ml Hi-ball glass
R 182.00
LAV 6 Piece 356ml Odin Hi Ball Glass
16cm Proline casserole
R 1,151.00
Korkmaz 16cm Proline Casserole
1 Litre cozee carafe
R 177.00
Felli 1 Litre Cozee Carafe
32cm Glass pizza pan
R 282.00
Simax 32cm Glass Pizza Pan
2 Litre cylinder jug
R 269.00
Simax 2 Litre Cylinder Jug
36 Piece 500ml glass mason jar
R 556.00
36 Piece 500ml Glass Mason Jar
450ml Black Water Bottle With Straw
R 162.00
450ml Black Stainless Steel Water Bottle With Straw
20 Litre stainless steel bucket with lid
R 382.00
20 Litre Stainless Steel Bucket With Lid
Cake Server With Color Handle
R 21.00
Cake Server With Colour Handle
Select Color
5oz Belly Creamer
R 27.00
5oz Stainless Steel Belly Creamer
Iron baking tray
R 212.00
Iron Baking Tray (SGN1210)
30cm Glass Cake Stand With Dome
R 601.00
30cm Glass Cake Stand With Dome
12oz Tea Pot
R 76.00
12oz Stainless Steel Tea Pot
Silver Leaf Underplate
R 38.00
Silver Leaf Underplate
Card holder
R 26.00
Business Card Holder
6 Piece 390ml hurricane glass
R 214.00
LAV 6 Piece 390ml Hurricane Glass
5Ltr Open Top Bin
R 139.00
5 Litre Stainless Steel Open Top Bin
5 Piece Leather Office Set
R 409.00
5 Piece Leather Office Set
Laundry bin with wooden lid
R 709.00
Laundry Bin With Wooden Lid
3pcs Salad Bowl Set
R 162.00
3 Piece Salad Bowl Set
3 Level Dish Rack
R 359.00
3 Level Dish Rack
450 Ml acrylic flip lock air tight seal square canister
R 74.00
450ml Acrylic Flip lock Air Tight Seal Square Canister
Glass Ice Bucket
R 49.00
Glass Ice Bucket
8 Litre juice dispenser
R 216.00
8 Litre Glass Juice Dispenser
Symphony Adorn Gold Condiment Bowls
R 144.00
Symphony 4 Piece Adorn Gold Condiment Bowls Set
48 Piece 405ml whiskey glass
R 720.00
LAV 48 Piece 405ml Empire Whisky Glass
24 Piece 395ml wine glass
R 360.00
LAV 24 Piece 395ml Fam Wine Glass
6 Piece 370ml beer glass
R 146.00
6 Piece 370ml Gold Rim Beer Glass
24 Piece 490ml wine glass
R 456.00
24 Piece 490ml Wine Glass
20 Litre Red Dust Bin
R 297.00
20 Litre Red Dust Bin
48 Piece 315ml long drink glass
R 1,081.00
LAV 48 Piece 315ml Ada Long Drink Glass
6 Piece tot/liquor glass
R 89.00
LAV 6 Piece 95ml Lal Tot/Liquor Glass
18cm Sweet Jar
R 342.00
18cm Sweet Jar
Symphony Adorn Gold Serving Bowl
R 426.00
Symphony Adorn Gold Serving Bowl
Solid Turner
R 82.00
Solid Turner Stainless Steel With Black Handle Plastic
Cold Bowl On Ice With Dome
R 292.00
Cold Bowl With Vented Ice Chamber
24 Piece 190ml champagne glass
R 601.00
LAV 24 Piece 190ml Misket Champagne Glass
7Pc Candle Holder 75cm
R 1,451.00
7 Piece 75cm Candle Holder
6 Piece 355ml hi-ball glass
R 101.00
LAV 6 Piece 355ml Joy Hi-ball Glass
Stainless steel salad set
R 55.00
2 Piece Stainless Steel Salad Set
4 Piece glass canister set with black lid and chalk board
R 179.00
4 Piece Glass Canister Set With Black Lid And Chalk Board
24 Piece 300ml water glass
R 341.00
24 Piece 300ml Water Glass
1.6 Litre glass jug
R 266.00
LAV 1.6 Litre Glass Jug With Wooden Lid
Ice Scoop
R 29.00
Stainless Steel Ice Scoop
24cm Silver non-stick frypan
R 251.00
24cm Non-Stick Forged Micarex Fry-Pan
Large Stainless Steel Napkin Holder
R 81.00
Stainless Steel Large Napkin Holder
28cm Stainless steel colander
R 86.00
28cm Stainless Steel Colander With Handles
285ml Clear whiskey glass
R 481.00
LAV 48 Piece 285ml Clear Whisky Glass
40 Piece stainless steel cutlery set
R 751.00
40 Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Set
5 piece crystal candle holder
R 1,023.00
5 Piece 38cm Crystal Candle Holder
Piano Dish Rack
R 382.00
Piano Dish Rack (SGN1815/2)
15.7Cm Stainless Steel Handi Hammered Double Wall Bowl
R 146.00
15.7cm Stainless Steel Handi Hammered Double Wall Bowl
2 Litre Stainless Steel Diamond Jug
R 202.00
2 Litre Stainless Steel Diamond Jug