Table Decor

28 products

    28 products
    7Pc 75cm Candle Holder
    R 1,442.00
    40cm Round Mirror Tray
    R 220.00
    33cm Round Mirror Tray
    R 148.00
    5Pc 75cm Candle Holder
    R 1,144.00
    Acrylic wave Cake Stand
    R 365.00
    40cm Square Mirror Tray
    R 220.00
    29cm Candle Holder
    R 382.00
    34cm Candle Holder
    R 597.00
    44cm Candle Holder
    R 765.00
    27cm Candle Holder
    R 429.00
    Artemis Sugar Bowl
    R 46.00
    22cm Glass Cake Stand With Dome
    R 423.00
    26cm Glass Cake Stand With Dome
    R 483.00
    21cm Candle Stand
    R 153.00
    31cm Candle Stand
    R 212.00
    40cm Square Box
    R 539.00
    Sold Out
    25cm Square Box
    R 273.00
    5Pc 58cm Crystal Candle Holder
    R 1,524.00
    30cm Glass Cake Stand With Dome
    R 597.00
    Sold Out
    5Pc Candle Holder
    R 648.00
    5Pc 38cm Crystal Candle Holder
    R 1,016.00
    Sold Out
    3Pc Candle Holder
    R 281.00
    Sold Out
    Symphony 5pc Tres Gourmet Center Piece Set
    R 221.00
    Sold Out
    Symphony 3 Tier Square Cake Stand
    R 359.00
    Sold Out
    Symphony 3 Tier Round Cake Stand
    R 399.00
    13cm Candle Stand
    R 116.00
    30cm Mirror Tray
    R 146.00
    Sold Out
    30cm Square Box
    R 357.00
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