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Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Bottle Opener
R 33.00
Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Bottle Opener
5Pc Kitchen tools with stainless steel handle
R 132.00
5 Piece Kitchen Gadget Set
Winged Corkscrew
R 242.00 R 259.00
Masterpro Winged Corkscrew
Save R 17.00
Stainless steel bottle opener
R 58.00
Bergner Stainless Steel Gizmo Bottle Opener
19CM Bottle Opener
R 51.00 R 56.00
San Ignacio 19cm Bottle Opener
Save R 5.00
R 187.00 R 199.00
Masterpro Corkscrew
Save R 12.00
Wine Puller
R 134.00 R 142.00
Masterpro Wine Puller
Save R 8.00
Waiter's Corkscrew
R 212.00 R 227.00
Masterpro Waiter's Corkscrew
Save R 15.00
Corkscrew With Bottle Opener
R 154.00 R 166.00
Masterpro Corkscrew With Bottle Opener
Save R 12.00