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14cm Stainless steel oil strainer
R 22.00
14cm Stainless Steel Oil Strainer
24cm Stainless steel strainer
R 59.00
24cm Stainless Steel Strainer
17cm Stainless steel oil strainer
R 26.00
17cm Stainless Steel Oil Strainer
20cm Stainless steel oil strainer
R 34.00
20cm Stainless Steel Oil Strainer
26cm Stainless steel strainer
R 66.00
26cm Stainless Steel Strainer
28cm Vegetable strainer
R 97.00
28cm Stainless Steel Vegetable Strainer
25cm Stainless steel oil strainer
R 56.00
25cm Stainless Steel Oil Strainer
18cm Strainer
R 42.00
18cm Stainless Steel Strainer
14cm Stainless steel strainer
R 32.00
14cm Stainless Steel Strainer
7cm Strainer
R 31.00
7cm Stainless Steel Strainer
5Pc Kitchen tools with stainless steel handle
R 132.00
5 Piece Kitchen Gadget Set
Flat strainer
R 137.00
Bergner Stainless Steel Gizmo Flat Strainer
34CM Strainer
R 171.00 R 182.00
San Ignacio 34cm Strainer
Save R 11.00
10cm Stainless steel strainer
R 29.00
12cm Stainless Steel Strainer
18cm Vegetable strainer
R 67.00
18cm Stainless Steel Vegetable Strainer
Stainless steel cake strainer set
R 79.00
Stainless Steel Cake Strainer Set
16cm Stainless steel strainer
R 37.00
16cm Stainless Steel Strainer
25cm Vegetable strainer
R 82.00
25cm Stainless Steel Vegetable Strainer