Serving Bowls

19 products

    19 products
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    6Pc Vira Sauce Bowl
    R 70.00
    Vira Salad Bowl
    R 90.00
    30cm Pasta Bowl
    R 108.00
    Cold Bowl On Ice With Dome
    R 291.00
    23cm Round Serving Bowl
    R 87.00
    Karen Salad Bowl
    R 90.00
    Symphony Gold Serving Bowl
    R 81.00
    380ML Round Glass Bowl With Grey Lid
    R 26.00
    6Pc Truva Bowl
    R 102.00
    Sold Out
    6Pc Vira Dessert Bowl
    R 95.00
    Sold Out
    6Pc Vira Bowl
    R 95.00
    Cold Bowl On Ice
    R 191.00
    Fam Salad Bowl
    R 72.00
    Derin Sauce Bowl
    R 64.00
    Sold Out
    Symphony Adorn Serving Bowl
    R 364.00
    Symphony Adorn Gold Serving Bowl
    R 411.00
    Sold Out
    Symphony 24cm Deep Spiro Round Serving Bowl
    R 208.00
    7Pc Salad Bowl Set
    R 225.00
    3pc Salad Bowl Set
    R 161.00
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