Prep Tools

92 products

    92 products
    14cm Oil Strainer
    R 22.00
    Fixwell Peeler
    R 38.00
    31cm Strainer Basket
    R 54.00
    Stainless Steel Grater With Black Handle
    R 99.00
    19cm Strainer Basket
    R 30.00
    5Qt Colander
    R 95.00
    Sold Out
    Flour Shaker
    R 35.00
    17cm Oil Strainer
    R 26.00
    20cm Oil Strainer
    R 34.00
    24cm Strainer
    R 59.00
    26cm Strainer
    R 65.00
    Sold Out
    7cm Strainer
    R 20.00
    4Pc Silver Cruet Set
    R 105.00
    Sold Out
    28.5cm Tapper Bowl
    R 133.00
    25cm Strainer Basket
    R 39.00
    Retractable Mesh Basket
    R 143.00
    1.5Qt Colander
    R 47.00
    Large Cutting Board
    R 92.00
    Kitchen Scissors
    R 107.00
    25cm Oil Strainer
    R 56.00
    28cm Vegetable Strainer
    R 98.00
    14cm Strainer
    R 33.00
    Sold Out
    3Pc Tea Strainer Set
    R 52.00
    2Pc Red Oil & Vinegar Set
    R 69.00
    18cm Tapper Bowl
    R 54.00
    26.5cm Tapper Bowl
    R 116.00
    39cm Tapper Bowl
    R 223.00
    Sold Out
    45cm Tapper Bowl
    R 274.00
    28cm Strainer Basket
    R 46.00
    8Qt Colander
    R 124.00
    Plastic Colander
    R 68.00
    Sold Out
    26cm Colander
    R 70.00
    2pc Collapsible Filter Baskets
    R 90.00
    Grater With Color Handle
    R 21.00
    34CM Strainer
    R 176.00
    Sold Out
    Torch Lighter
    R 324.00
    2Pc Stainless Steel Scissors And Peeler
    R 495.00
    40Cm Cutting Board
    R 273.00
    Sold Out
    Vegetable Slicer
    R 694.00
    Stainless Steel Garlic Presser
    R 120.00
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