36 products

    36 products
    Kitchen Scissors
    R 107.00
    Winged Corkscrew
    R 250.00
    28Cm Forged Frypan
    R 548.00
    24Cm Forged Frypan
    R 442.00
    20Cm Forged Frypan
    R 351.00
    R 192.00
    45Cm Grill Plate
    R 791.00
    32Cm Teppanyaki Grill Pan
    R 802.00
    28cm Grill Pan
    R 913.00
    Whipping Cream Dispenser
    R 884.00
    Sold Out
    Torch Lighter
    R 324.00
    Kitchen Scale
    R 351.00
    Sold Out
    1600Ml Electric Kitchen Scale
    R 643.00
    6 Cup Espresso Coffee Maker
    R 496.00
    Stainless Steel Knife Sharpener
    R 273.00
    28Cm Pancake Pan
    R 1,071.00
    28Cm Forg Wok
    R 603.00
    28Cm Stainless Steel Wok
    R 830.00
    12Cm Forged Frypan
    R 279.00
    20Cm Forged Frypan
    R 450.00
    24Cm Forged Frypan
    R 546.00
    9Pcs Spice Bowl Set With Holder
    R 482.00
    5Pc Bar Set
    R 487.00
    3Pcs Kitchen Tools
    R 300.00
    4-Side Stainless Steel Grater
    R 199.00
    Wine Aerator
    R 199.00
    Sold Out
    Vegetable Slicer
    R 694.00
    Stainless Steel Garlic Presser
    R 120.00
    Oil And Vinegar Sprayer
    R 240.00
    Acrilic Wine Pourer
    R 55.00
    Wine Puller
    R 137.00
    Waiter's Corkscrew
    R 219.00
    Corkscrew With Bottle Opener
    R 160.00
    3.5Ltr Plastic Ice Bucket
    R 176.00
    Acacia Wood Cutting Board
    R 295.00
    Bamboo Cutting Board
    R 295.00
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