24 Piece Cutlery Set

SKU: SGN508 ISBN: 1131692000000

24 Piece Cutlery Set

Set Includes:

  • 6x dinner knives
  • 6x dinner forks
  • 6x teaspoons
  • 6x dinner spoons


  • Weight: 1.53kg (set)
  • Dimensions: L: 26cm x W: 16.5cm x H: 6.5cm (set)
  • Material: 18-10 Stainless Steel

Care Instructions:

Whilst stainless steel is highly resistant to staining and corrosion, even the finest alloys will suffer if corrosive food chemicals, common salt mineral salts, vinegar, some harsh detergents and bleaches are not removed by proper washing, rinsing and drying procedures

Please Note the following procedures to prolong the life of your cutlery:

  1. Never leave salt or food on unwashed cutlery. Always rinse off
  2. When hand washing, use warm water with added soap or liquid detergent and rinse thoroughly A water softener may be required if using water containing high mineral content
  3. In dishwasher, please follow the manufacturer instructions and remove cutlery, immediately at the end of drying cycle
  4. Do not mix steel and silver items in dishwasher basket
  5. Do not use abrasive washing powders or bleach
  6. Dry immediately after washing
  7. Do not scour with abrasive pad or wire wool
  8. Do not use silver cleaner
  9. Do not expose cutlery to a flame.


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