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12pc  Cookware SetSet IncludesSauce pan with lid (20cm x 8cm)Casserole with lid (20cm x 8cm)Casserole with lid (21.5cm x 9cm)Casserole with lid (23.5cm x 12cm)Casserole with lid (28cm x 15cm)Frypan with lid (28cm x 7cm)Steamer with cover (24cm x 9.5cm)12.50kg (set)..
12pc Stainless Steel Cookware SetSet IncludesSauce pan (16cm x 10cm)Casserole (16cm x 10cm)Casserole (18cm x 11cm)Casserole (20cm x 12cm)Casserole (24cm x 14cm)Frypan (24cm x 7.5cm)11.50kg (set)FeaturesCeramicInductionElectricGas..
16pc Cookware SetSet Includes16cm x 8cm saucepan with lid16cm x 8cm casserole with lid20cm x 10cm casserole with lid24cm x 14cm casserole with lid24cm x 6.5cm frypan with lid and helper handle20cm x 10cm steamer W/O covermixing bowl 20cm with plastic coverBakelite matt x 2pcssuction knob x 1pc8.60kg..
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