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23 products

    23 products
    Glass Cake Stand With Dome
    R 228.00
    32 x 26cm Pyrex Bake And Enjoy Baking Dish
    R 180.00
    30cm Footed Cake Plate
    R 359.00
    1.7Ltr Pyrex Bake & Enjoy Loaf Pan
    R 127.00
    2.9Ltr Pyrex Daily Bakeware Rectangular Roaster
    R 143.00
    1.8Ltr Pyrex Daily Bakeware Square Roaster
    R 152.00
    3.1Ltr Pyrex Daily Bakeware Springform
    R 223.00
    31cm Pyrex Daily Bakeware Round Pizza Tray
    R 152.00
    2Ltr Pyrex Daily Bakeware Cake Tin
    R 148.00
    30cm Pyrex Daily Bakeware Flan Tin
    R 143.00
    6 Cup Pyrex Daily Bakeware Muffin Tray
    R 122.00
    2.1Ltr Pyrex Round Bake & Enjoy
    R 133.00
    1.4Ltr Pyrex Round Bake & Enjoy Low
    R 97.00
    2.9Ltr Pyrex Irresistible Rectangular Roaster Large
    R 147.00
    2.1Ltr Pyrex Irresistible Rectangular Roaster Small
    R 126.00
    22cm Glass Cake Stand With Dome
    R 352.00
    26cm Glass Cake Stand With Dome
    R 402.00
    30cm Glass Cake Stand With Dome
    R 497.00
    Cake Stand
    R 142.00
    Acrylic wave Cake Stand
    R 304.00
    Rectangular Oven Tray
    R 137.00
    Baking Mesh Basket
    R 68.00
    2.3Ltr Pyrex Irresistible Square Roaster
    R 126.00
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